Year Round Organic Onion Tree

Imagine the convenience of plucking fresh green onions from the soil whenever you need them? There is nothing better than fresh onions for your salads, dips, tacos or soup. But how could you have a supply of fresh onions at hand all the time? Okay… onions are available all year round from the grocery store, but they are hardly fresh, some are GMO’s and there’s almost always no way to know for sure where they came from or what they were sprayed with. Gardeners of course will simply grow them but some simply have problems with available space.

Here is your solution:

FIRST, you need a planting vessel.

NEXT, you need to remove the neck of the bottle then cut holes around it. You can use scissors or a heated metal tool (heat a metal pipe) to make the holes. Make sure the holes are just the right size for the onion bulbs.

NEXT, fill the bottle with layers of onion sprouts and soil.

Keep adding layers until you reach the top of the container.
NEXT, water it…

AND FINALLY, set it on your windowsill…

And watch daily as your onions grow…

In no time, you’ll have something like this:

Just cut off the green stems for use and it will grow back from the bulb. You will want to use some type of liquid fertilizer every month or so. Water every 3 days or so.

And just a reminder: make sure to stick with heirloom seeds for your home gardens.

  • Tim

    That looks fantastic – this will be an ace feature in my kitchen thanks.

    • I love mine. Haven’t harvested anything yet. Can’t wait!

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