Visual Aid For Tying Knots

The value of knots can not be overstated in prepping.  All preppers should have a basis of at least of dozen different knots memorized and a clear knowledge of when each should be used.  This knowledge isn’t just about emergency situations, but day-to-day activities. Such as, you are tying a load down in a trailer, do you know which knot you should use that won’t loosen with the bumps of the road?  If not, this is a topic you need to invest of learning into now.

The first step I would recommend is getting a low cost solution of a knot tying kit that you can practice with. Amazon offers a great option from Pro-Knot, or print of this image of knot options and practice with so rope around the garage.

Another great option is a product a good friend of mine developed a couple years back. The Colter Co. survival bandana, featured at the heading of this post. He has a variety of different patterns on bandanas that you keep with you in your BOB.  I used the knots bandana for a recent backpacking trip and it worked great.   It comes with 16 different knots printed on the pattern and is made with 100% cotton.  So I’ve used mine for not just knot refreshers but dust mask and dunked in the streams and wrapped around my neck.

A scout troop I was recently volunteering with purchased one of these bandanas for each of the scouts and leaders.  We quickly saw the difference in the scouts comfort level with tying something other than a “granny knot” for everything.  So if you are looking to learn knots yourself, teaching your kids, or liking for a gift for friends to help develop their preps I would recommend Colter Co. Bandanas.

Originally published Feb. 2014; Updated May 2017

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