Water Filtration vs. Purification

Water Filteration

In these modern times, we do not often give much thought to the water around us. It is a simple convenience to turn on the tap or place a glass in the refrigerator door and serve ourselves a glass of refreshing water. But that modern convenience may not be an option for those of us trying to live on our own sustainability. We may not have access to water directly from a tap or a cold refrigerator. Instead, we choose to rely on the water from the world around us to nourish and sustain our bodies. However, even water gathered and stored from the rain may not be safe for us to drink. Knowing the difference between a water purification system and a water filtration system can have a significant impact on your own health and ability to safely live off the grid. Continue reading

Why We All Should Be Preppers…

West Virginia Chemical Spill Store Out Of Water

The West Virginia chemical spill is awful and unexcusable, to say the least. We are only getting the information the Main Stream Media gives us. There is no telling how bad and long lasting this really is. You will never know when all of the sudden your water supply is cut off or poisoned and you are left to do without or be at the mercy of someone else to provide you with water. We will be praying for those folks affected by this. Continue reading

Water Filter 101

Dirty Water to Clean Water 2

     We cannot survive long without drinking water. Have you every heard the rule of 3’s: you can only survive without air for 3 minutes, water for 3 days, and food for 3 weeks. Besides having safe breathable air, having safe drinking water is extremely important. With that being said you need to be able to use a water filter to extract water from almost any water source and eliminate the risk of becoming a victim of dehydration, sickness, and death. Continue reading