Identifying the Uncommon Evil and Prepping – Debt and Credit Card Companies

At first sight, it’s a strange connection between debt and prepping. Some would say crazy, few say logical. A big theme in preparedness is being self-sustainable with no dependencies or strings attached. Clipping those ties now will go a long way to helping you hit the ground running when SHTF. One of the anchors holding down many Americans today is that of credit card debt. According to Nerd Wallet Finance, the average amount of debt among US households is over $15,000. To most, debt is simply a part of life. If you can afford the payments month-to-month, people rationalize that the purchase is a good one. This is far from the truth and you are playing into the enemies’ hands. These enemies include blood-sucking credit card companies and debt as a singular entity itself. It’s time to fight back.

When SHTF, it’ll be every man or woman for themselves. Sure we will still have our family, we’ll form co-ops and partnerships with others, and other associates, but our own good decisions will be our primary tool for making it from one day to the next. The time to prepare for that and to put those good decisions into practice is now. Not tomorrow or ‘I’ll get to it eventually,’ now! This means cutting the frivolous amenities you wouldn’t be privy to when SHTF. Boil your life down to necessities – food, water, and shelter.

This means no Netflix or online magazine subscriptions. This means no spending money eating out or on bar nights. Cook at home, spend time with family and friends outdoors talking or playing cards, and enjoy nature as it was meant to be enjoyed. Detach from the digital world and reconnect with the past. “Entertainment” to past generations included telling stories by a campfire or taking walks while venting about a problem. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also be preparing yourself for the future, however bleak it may turn out.

Once you put this idea to practice, chart how much money is saved by skimming all these expenses off the top. Put this money straight towards credit card debt. Paying that debt to $0.00 is the only financial goal you should be focusing on no matter how long it takes you to get there. Credit card companies are the enslavers of our society and as long as you are under them, you are a slave. Break the handcuffs that shackle your being. The sooner you do, the sooner you can tread down the road of (more traditional) prepping more focused and at ease i.e. procuring excess cans of food, establishing an alternative shelter system, etc.).

When it comes to actually paying off the debt, rule to live by should be to knock out all high interest debt first. For example, let’s say you have a couple thousand dollars in credit card debt with 11% interest rate and student loan debt at 6% interest. Use the extra cash you saved from cutting and put that towards paying off the credit card debt first. Continue to make minimum payments on your student loan, but do your best to knock out one debt account at a time. If you’re looking to plan out how long it’ll take to pay off your debt, here is a simple debt calculator to help you out. Put all efforts towards paying down your debt. It is your number 1 goal from now until you reach $0.00. There are other options available to you, a couple potentials may be adding an additional revenue stream (taking a second job) or consolidating your debt.

Consider credit card companies and personal loans as the primary enemies of our time. Their tactics are to hold you under their thumb so they can continue to collect interest off your debt each month. Interest is money they are making off you, taking from your paycheck each month, robbing from you and your family. Remove this parasite from your life and family’s back! Take back the financial freedom you deserve. Debt is synonymous with slavery. Become free once more.

Doing all this in a capitalist system is no easy task. You will experience an insatiable urge to make purchases and spend your hard-earned money on the goods you see on television or billboard advertisements. No one said lifting this urge will be easy, it will take time. Once you practice this new lifestyle long enough, your actions will become habit. When living off necessities and putting more money towards debt becomes second nature, you’ll be on the path to a truly happy lifestyle. We don’t need much to survive and be happy, it is time to experience that and prepare ourselves as if we don’t have any other option.

Need more help getting started? Check out Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover.

Article written by Gale Newell.

Gale Newell is continually working on being a self-sufficient human being. She finds herself spending her summer days outdoors, whether that raising her own food in her organic garden or playing cards with friends and family. She is very much into grilling meals on her old-school charcoal grill and has since lifted her addiction to multiple television series. She feels freer than ever and is truly happy. She is prepared for the future and ready for whatever happens next.

  • Catherine

    Paying down debts is a good goal but…SHIF or TEOTWAWKI…wouldn’t it make more sense for Prepping to cut up credit cards and pay CASH for all purchases while make a minimum payment on existing account(s). You will not want to Max out your card hopping for an EMP that may come in five or ten years instead of the next week or so.
    Using cash and a Debit card may keep you under the radar for prepping.
    Yes, you will need to practice setting money aside for emergencies.
    Besides food, water, and shelter you should have some cash on hand, small bills, because a lot of people will still hold a belief that things will get back to normal as soon as the Gov gets around to it. After all it’s happened before you know…hurricanes, tornadoes, forest fires…
    Coins in a sock will make a fine billyclub.
    Bottom line, become responsible for your financial life, buy what you need not everything you want.

    • Now I feel stpidu. That’s cleared it up for me

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