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  • Top Disaster Threats to Your Home
    Top Disaster Threats By Region Common Natural Disaster Threats Nuclear Threats Plus Seismic Active Areas While we constantly see in our news headlines the risk from North Korea, Iran, Pakistan, and a myriad of other potential nuclear threats, we hear very little about the disaster risk from the nuclear industry in our own backyards.  Above is a map of nuclear facilities and seismic risks in the country.  While many nuclear sites are in lower risk areas, not all are. Unfortunately, we have learned from the Fukushima plant in Japan that any combination of nuclear power and seismic activity needs to
  • Tornado Storm Shelter Supplies & Organization
    April shower brings May flowers; except in the central and southern United States, where April showers bring May TORNADOES.  When I first moved to Oklahoma, I was welcomed to the “tornado capital of the world” by my neighbors.  Needless to say, a welcome like that got me more focused on this potential threat that doesn’t exist in previous places I have lived. My wife and I agreed when buying our home in Oklahoma that we would either purchase a home with a tornado storm shelter or have one installed shortly after purchase.  Thankfully, we found a home we like with
  • Visual Aid For Tying Knots
    The value of knots can not be overstated in prepping.  All preppers should have a basis of at least of dozen different knots memorized and a clear knowledge of when each should be used.  This knowledge isn’t just about emergency situations, but day-to-day activities. Such as, you are tying a load down in a trailer, do you know which knot you should use that won’t loosen with the bumps of the road?  If not, this is a topic you need to invest of learning into now. The first step I would recommend is getting a low cost solution of a