Our Story

Growing up in scouting our motto was 'Be Prepared'.  Alarmingly, this simple motto seems to be lost on so many in society today.  Not long ago I was reminded of the importance of having not just the right gear, but also a robust DIY knowledge of how it all works and what to do when, not if, it breaks.

In the above picture I am on day 4 of a week long backpacking trip on the Olympic National Park coastline; the longest stretch of undeveloped coastline in the lower 48.  During that trip gear failed, streams on maps were dried up, and injuries abounded (thankful minor). All of which reminded me that to survive when SHTF we must have both the right gear and the DIY knowledge to apply when that gear fails and unsuspected challenges arise beyond your physical preps.

Our Approach

We seek to provide prepping knowledge to the people that choose to invest there prepping efforts into a way of life.  This means continuously learning new and diverse skills, and the tools needed to implement them.

This requires individuals to seek out learning & suppliers in tandem, and then to test those skills & equipment in a safe application now, because waiting until the SHTF will be too late.

About Us

We are the typical American family that have seen way too many troubling signs in our society and decided we have to speak up and share our emergency preparation with those that are willing to listen.  We are using our background in scouting, back-country backpacking, gardening, canning, hunting, and water survival to create content that we feel will be of a benefit to all.


Dave Deibel